American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association


Constitution and Mission

The most important document any corporation can have is its CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS.  The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association,Inc. Constitution and Bylaws will govern the powers and behaviors of  the officers, the Board, and the members.  It has been carefully put together to help make the Association function at its best.  To read or print a copy of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association,Inc. Constitution and Bylaws click on the PDF file below:
What is a Constitution?
A Constitution is the fundamental underlying framework under which a government or an organization is to operate because everyone who is part of such is required to follow it.  This includes all officers and members of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association,Inc.   The Constitution  contains the fundamental rights and expectations for all members. including all officers.  Following these guidelines will make it better for our wonderful breed also known as PONS or by the Polish name, Polski Owczarek Nizinny.
What are Bylaws?
Bylaws are the rules which control the inner operations and day to day business of an organization.  They include some of the following:  the group's name, purposes, requirements for membership, the titles and responsibilities of all officers, discipline procedures, election procedure,  and much more as need is determined by its authors and the organization.  Bylaws spell out the power of the leadership and how the organization will operate on a daily basis.  Violations of bylaws can be  challenged in court so they should never be taken lightly.  In most states they must be filed at the time of incorporation in the state where you are incorporated.  Therefore, bylaws must be carefully thought out, enforced once in place, and are changeable only by specific means spelled out within the Constitution and Bylaws. 
The American Polish Lowland Association,Inc.  (aka APLSA) founders and Board are proud to present a well thought out, legal document for an association which is hoping you will become a major part as we work together to have fun while protecting the the integrity, standard, and health, and overall well-being of all Polish Lowland Sheepdogs (PONS).