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Went to my vets yesterday for among other things testing the dogs for heartworm and putting them back on meds for the summer months.   My vet had just come back from a conference where they had discussed heartworm  Last year I used Revolution , however, she said they have found it is no longer as effective, particularly in the south.  It was recommended I go to Sentinel which I have done .   I personally will not use Frontline as I have heard too many stories I have not liked.   Just wanted to share this with everyone.

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1. Linda Wozniak | April 27, 2014 at 07:06 AM EDT

I am very curious to see what people think about these meds - as well as flea/tick prevention. Two years ago I used Advantix on my boys - and had no problems with ticks - which are starting to be more of a issue in Nova Scotia. But last year, when I used it - Frodo had a definite reaction to the drug. He had neurological signs which lasted two days. I never used it again - and have not tried any other flea/tick med. But of course, I worry abut the ticks. Any comments on options?

2. Loana | April 29, 2014 at 06:50 AM EDT

Linda. I am really not sure personally what to tell you on this one. I have not really had a problem yet, but I know the ticks are around as I found two on me last year after mowing. The dogs are mostly in an enclosed fenced area except when I walk them and then I try to keep them in mowed, away from shrub areas knowing neither of these full proof. I am really hoping some other people will offer some good suggestions because it is well known the tick problem is growing in this area and the diseases from it more prevalent than previously known. Hopefully we will get some answers. I will send an e mail out asking for help because I do think it it a very important question as they are not always easy to find.

3. Benigne Dohms | April 29, 2014 at 05:26 PM EDT

Having been through a long-drawn out battle with ticks picked up at an outdoor dog show, I tried many things, worrying about the effects of the chemicals on the dogs. Nothing seem to discourage or eradicate the tick population epidemic in NW Florida at that time.....until my vet heard about a new product at a convention and suggested I try it. Wow! I would not hesitate to tell anyone to give Certifect a chance. It is a topical, made by Frontline and is specifically for ticks more than fleas. Dogs had no reaction but the tick problem was gone real fast after the first week. Linda, if you are not seeing ticks on the dogs, avoid using anything on them. When we go to our summer house in the UP of Michigan, I check the dogs every day because they spend hours in the same fields and on the same hills as the deer, foxes, etc., but just have not had the same problem as in Florida. If you check the Doctors Foster and Smith website for Certifect, you can read the information on the product, which used to be from vets only but now is online. My male PON had an immediate reaction to Biospot when I tried it, but Certifect did not cause any reaction in him. I was very happy with it. Unfortunately, there is no preventative, per se. Supplements (added to food) like Flea Away and others did not work. Some people use herbs (rosemary? lavendar? I will check my file folder and see what I have from a holistic seminar I attended 2 years ago) around their garden, but if you are dealing with large out of door areas, that is not practical. Others try a light spray of Listerine on their clothing (pant legs) and dog before going out in active flea and tick season.

4. Benigne Dohms | May 01, 2014 at 10:26 PM EDT

Linda, I just read something I thought you might be interested in. This came from a woman I know who lives in a very flea prone area. She posted this comment on the members list for a performance activities dog club I have belonged to -- \If I so much as see a flea, I spray the yard with cinnamon and soap suds\. It might be worth a try!

5. Karen Willson | May 19, 2014 at 10:19 PM EDT

I am on a dog list which talks about alternative methods to treat cancer in dogs, as well as other things and someone highly recommended this product on the list. Thought I would pass it along. We don't have fleas and ticks here in Colorado unless I go into the mountains so haven't tried it myself.

6. Loana | November 29, 2014 at 02:43 PM EST

Even AKC has put out a warning against Trefexis...recommendation DO NOT USE!

7. Karen | December 14, 2014 at 01:42 AM EST

Cooper got fleas from his puppy training class,and we began using Biospot. But 2 months later, he had fleas again, and the vet suggested using Parastar monthly. This did the trick; we apply it once a month and it prevents any of the fleas that stay on our winter leaves from making their home on Cooper. It also repels ticks. Our vet said that if the dog is out and about and walking the neighborhood as ours is, he needs to be protected. I don't like the idea of putting anything on him that \kills\, but I don't want him (or us!)to have to put up with that again, or worse.

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