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Do you have questions or concerns about your PON(s) coat?  Share your grooming  ideas  and others here.

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1. Denise | June 05, 2014 at 03:42 PM EDT

My 9-mo-old female, Kiszka, has a thin coat -- mostly top coat not much under coat. She has not had her first heat yet. I groomed her this morning using the line brushing technique I was as gentle as possible. I removed about a baseball-sized ball of hair. I think my groomer may be removing too much undercoat too. I will talk to her about this. Does anyone have any other thoughts about maintaining and growing a fuller coat. I would like to show Kiszka, so want to keep her ring ready. Thanks for your suggestions!

2. Shadow | June 05, 2014 at 03:53 PM EDT want more coat and MOM is taking mine off? Would you like me to send you some?

3. Sherona | July 04, 2014 at 10:24 PM EDT

The things that are important when grooming a PON for the show ring is to always spray the coat first with a grooming spray. Never groom a coat when it is dry. Let the spray sit awhile so it can work on loosening the matts. Then try to gently pull them apart with your fingers as much as possible. Use a pin brush to brush out the matts. The more matts you can brush gently out with the pin brush and pull apart with your fingers, the better. Brush, brush, brush until you think you can't brush any longer. Brush from all directions and this will loosen the matts. Then you can line brush. This is something nobody ever told me when I started showing PONs. I removed so much coat through the years by not thoroughly brushing as much as possible. Try not to use a comb as it will remove undercoat. I use the comb mainly for the really tough areas of the coat like behind the ears, the chin and face, the underside of the legs and armpits. Use a gentle hand with the comb and carefully pick the coat apart. Because PONs shed very little the dead coat gets stuck with the incoming coat and causes matts so it is normal to pull out some coat when grooming. If you are really gentle with your PON they will learn to love their grooming sessions. Be sure to give lots of treats for good behavior while grooming and when you finish. They will associate yummy treats with grooming which is a good thing. Good luck and happy brushing!

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